Congratulations on being accepted into the Readers on Command Program…
"Over The Next 8 Weeks, You Will Build The Most Powerful, Lasting Asset In Your Career As An Author… Gain Direct Access To Your Readers, and Experience The Creative and Financial Freedom That You’ve Always Wanted."
Please read below for information on what to expect and how to get started...
Again, congratulations on making it this far.

It is an extremely exciting time to be an author.

As the publishing industries are being disrupted due to new media, there is a creative renaissance occurring for authors that are are able to build their own platforms.

Readers on Command is designed specifically for you to take advantage of this opportunity. 

With laser focus and and a proven method, we will help you build your book sales funnel and avoid the costly, frustrating mistakes that stall progress and waste your time and energy.
This is Your Time.
After having seen the 6 Myths Presentation, and talked to us on the phone, you now understand what you need to succeed as an author: specifically, a book sales funnel.

On this page we’d like to tell you more about why we started the program, and how it is designed.
Out of the Hell Zone… To Solid Foundations, Leveraged Systems, Immediate Traction 
and a Clear Path Forward
When building a book sales funnel, there is a stage we fondly call a “hell zone”.

This is where options are infinite, opinions conflicting, choices overwhelming, and the path forward is one you are attempting to take stabbing in the dark, with each stab costing you time, money, and motivation.

The truth is, most self-published authors fail because they never get out of this zone.
Promotional efforts are scattered, and there is no straight line process that your readers can take to get to you or your work.

Traditional websites are not designed to sell books. 95% of visitors land on them and bounce off without taking any defined action.

A blog?

An “info” page?

Both of these pages have their place, but are brutally inefficient for actually building an audience and selling books.
Enter the Book Sales Funnel
To add insult to injury, in almost all cases, even if you were to build a “book sales funnel” they almost never work directly out of the gate — at times, even for us.

Just as a book needs drafting and editing, so too do book sales funnels.

Most book marketing courses do not offer anywhere near the hands-on expertise that is required to build something of this importance.

As a result, the failure rate for building these systems is extremely high.
The Good News Is… This is a Problem That Can Be Solved And You’ve Already Met The Guys To Do It
Our entire approach is designed around getting you out of the hell zone, and budgeting a realistic amount of time, energy, and even advertising budget to do so.

We’ve taken what we’ve done repeatedly in the publishing industry, and will take you through the the templates, frameworks, proven tech systems, designed to effectively convey your message — to the right people, at the right time — to grow your platform.

By the end of the eight weeks, you will have a beautifully functioning book sales funnel that you can proudly direct visitors to, that will sell your book for you, and collect all of your readers in one place — allowing you to own the most valuable, coveted asset of them all...

A relationship with, and direct access to, your audience.

From this point on, your time, energy and focus shift from “tech and systems” to message and creativity. As you let the wonderful machine you built do the heavy lifting for you.

Best of all, your growth is quantifiable.

You can login daily to see your email list grow, and know the exact activities you can take to grow it further.

This ensures that all subsequent marketing and promotional activities you perform are leveraged fully.
Your Instructors:
Colton and Gavin are direct response marketers with almost two decades of shared experience in online marketing and audience building. 
Colton Swabb

Colton Swabb is the quintessential creative professional, embodying Steve Jobs’ legendary mantra, “Real artists ship.”

Blending a deep passion for artistry and an unwavering discipline in execution, Colton has repeatedly demonstrated his ability to produce well-researched, compelling, emotionally stirring prose that captivates audiences and leaves them wanting more.

Teaching lessons learned on his own journey from a humble mid-Western town to the highest echelons of creative entrepreneurship, working directly with eight-figure publishing companies, launching multiple NYT best selling authors, and marketing the world of cutting edge researchers in the fields of human performance.

Gavin Abeyratne

Gavin Abeyratne is an author, entrepreneur, and investor with a speciality in digital platform building and customer acquisition. Gavin has built multiple six-figure businesses from scratch, taken six-figure businesses to seven figures, and helped thousands of authors and entrepreneurs scale their businesses using the internet. Through Readers on Command, Gavin is applying his skillset specifically to engineer bestselling book launches, as after a decade of marketing experience tells him, this singular focus has the ability to amplify one's career and business like nothing else.

We've taken the exact same system we've used to launch New York Times Bestsellers, Pulitzer Prize nominees, Amazon chart toppers, and build multiple seven-figure businesses... and distilled it into our best work yet.
A proven system for attracting your readers, building your platform, and creating credibility, authority, power, and influence as an author.

Over the course of eight weeks, we will guide you step-by-step to create your book sales funnel. By the end of the program you will have a proven marketing system to support your book and career as an author, for years to come, made in the leanest, most cost-effective, and fastest way possible...

With our guidance and support for three solid months to pull you over the line.

You can take control of your own destiny as an author, gain direct access to readers, enjoy total creative control and freedom over your book, and best of all, not leave something as important as your marketing up to chance. 
The Readers on Command Protocol
Week 1: Preparing for Success
Welcome to the jungle. Winners start with the end in mind and know what to expect along way. 

In this week we, will show you exactly what you’re building from a bird's-eye view, and its immense capability. 
This will make the whole process more exciting, effective, and move you out of the hell zone as painlessly as possible. We’ll get right into the frameworks used to ensure highly effective marketing campaigns, so come prepared because this isn’t just a “housekeeping” session!
Week 2: The Perfect Reader
Most book marketing fails because it falls on deaf ears. There is, however, a reader out there that is desperately waiting for your book, your message, and YOU to come into their world and become their new favorite author and thought leader.
In this week, you’re going to find them, using a process that will give you such a clear idea of who your perfect reader is, that you can speak to them in a way that cuts through the noise like a heated samurai sword through a giant block of butter.
Week 3: Building Your Landing Page
Armed with the weapons of mass persuasion, you are now ready to create a focal point to which all eyeballs can be pointed. Your landing page is the gateway to your platform, and a central location specifically designed to draw in a prospective reader is its backbone. 
We have prepared world class templates to maximize your “conversion rate” and make writing this page fun and effective.

Next time someone asks, “whats your website?” you’ll be proud to point them here.
Week 4: Your Compelling Free Chapter
First impressions last. Your single best shot to create a lifelong fan happens within two minutes of them joining your platform. 

Most people screw this up, and wonder why this whole “marketing thing” doesn’t work out for them.
We have tested this step of the system extensively and will show you how to make the best impression and ensure you build a list of book buyers instead of “freebie seekers”. 
Week 5: The Power of Email
Congratulations, by this point you’ve created a friction-free, compelling journey for your readers, and are building your most valuable online asset...

Your email list.
In this week, we’ll hand you over the templates we use to automate and nurture relationships with your readers, the exact email sequences we used to crash servers, generate sales windfalls, and how to tell great stories in the medium of email to engage readers.
Week 6: Effective Book Advertising
For better or worse, money makes the world go round. And if you have a budget, (beyond what we’re throwing in for you), then you can automate and scale the process of growing your platform using effective advertising.
We have experience doing this from budgets of $500 per month, up to $500,0000 per month, profitably (no typos). Whether you’re ready to go down this path or not, knowing how it works will serve you well when your publisher hands you a fat advance to market your book.
Week 7: Write for Your Readers
As promised, there are ways to generate Readers on Command effectively without paid promotion. In fact, there are significant benefits from using organic methods to generate readers, and they can be incredibly effective for both growing your platform and attracting speaking engagements, podcast interviews, and joint ventures of all kinds. 
We will share the guaranteed “writing = readers” strategy. We have even recorded an interview with a writer that got 1 million+ views on an article he wrote for LinkedIn, and got features on several major publications, about how he did it, and how you can too.
Week 8: The Power of Partnership
We’re not “networker types”, but you definitely will get approached for partnerships of all kinds. Structuring these deals the right way can massively expand your platform, with no cost or no time on your behalf. 
This week, we’ll show you how to get these deals, and leverage them so that they expand your reach and even create “omnipresence”, to seem as if  “everyone is talking about you."
Weeks 9-12: You Are Not Alone
Congratulations, you have built a book marketing machine. It’s time to fill the funnel, and as promised we’re running $1500 of advertising for YOU. 

Yes, you read that right. 
This will kickstart the whole process, and allow us to test to make sure everything is working as it should. If it isn’t — and it’s probable that something won’t be — never fear, we have diagnostic approaches to isolate and fix any component of this process. 

As Colton would say, “this ain’t our first rodeo”. 

We are 100% prepared for this, and have budgeted the time, money and mental bandwidth to bring you over the line and ensure you are happily moving down the path to success!
In Readers on Command, You Will:
  •  Learn the exact marketing strategies and methods you need to know to succeed as an author in the 21st century, so you don’t need to give up your creative freedom to make your book a bestseller. 
  •  Discover a proven system for identifying your ideal readers and advertising directly to them, so you can gain control over the most important relationship in your career as an author. 
  •  Create the most important marketing assets in your career as an author, which you can rely on to attract your readers, position you as an expert, and sell your books — even while you sleep. 
  •  Grow your platform, credibility and authority online in all the ways that matter, so you can leverage your platform for speaking engagements, teaching opportunities, selling courses and much, much more. 
  •  Discover the truth about what it actually takes to get to the top of Amazon, Kindle and the illustrious New York Times... that the book publishing industry doesn’t want you to know.
  •  Finally take the guesswork out of your marketing and start focusing on the only two metrics that matter — how big your audience is, and how many book sales you can drive — with proven strategies to dramatically increase both.
  •  Invest in the future of your career as an author and a system that not only has worked, will work, but also will always continue to work for every author bold enough to finally take the marketing of their book seriously and not leave something this important up to chance. 
  •  Enjoy the support and good company of Colton, Gavin, and the Readers on Command team for the next three months, as you systematically create your book sales funnel, attract readers, and continue to scale your platform to critical mass. 
  •  Position yourself as an expert and authority in your space — as peers to your idols, using the exact same path they have taken to achieve their success, but in a faster and more direct fashion.
  •  Discover how to write extremely compelling introductions, advertising, and articles to pull people into your story, and become emotionally invested in the success of both you and your book. 
When you finish Readers on Command, you will have a guaranteed audience of readers in your niche who know about your book and intend to buy, plus proven strategies to continue scaling your audience. 
We’re excited to teach you how to implement this system.
Here's What To Expect:
You’ll join us for a weekly live training session, where we’ll walk you through the step-by-step implementation of your own world-class book sales funnel. Your partner is also welcome to join if they’re involved in this journey with you, as we’re glad to also train them up in the areas that are relevant.

You’ll also have direct access to us over that period to answer your questions, and build your perfect book sales funnel.

Our stated aim is to deliver you this outcome, and we have allocated the time and bandwidth to show up 100% for you.

Full Disclosure
These are the exact same methods we’ve used with authors who came to us with multiple six-figure advances and needed a guaranteed winner. 

These are the same methods we used to get New York Times bestsellers. 

They are also the same methods we’ve used to help everyday people with passion and drive to build the business and platform of their dreams. 

The difference is initially in the scale, but as your platform grows, so will its power — and you will have proven, effective, and 100% measurable strategies to grow it as large as you want.

What People 
Have to Say About Us:
“We needed their help to turn the book into a global phenomena—which is a huge, crazy ask—and they delivered!”
Steven Kotler, New York Times Bestselling Author
and Award-Winning Journalist
"We have been truly impressed by their knowledge and expertise, but we have really been delighted by their 'get-it-done' approach."
Nichol Bradford, Executive Director of the Transformative 
Technology Lab
“The honest (sometimes brutal) feedback and insights you gave were critical to making this book great. Truly appreciate you.” 
Vishen Lakhiani, New York Times Bestselling Author
"I've experienced these guys in action as teachers, and their stuff really works. They know how to go from nothing to success in a short time, and repeat the process over and over. 

If you want to succeed in selling books and you don't mind doing something different, this could be what you've been looking for."
Stephen Hitchings, Teacher and Author
“Everything you have presented has really helped me bring down the costs that I thought would be involved in promoting and publishing a book. I appreciate that more than you two will ever know.”

Randy L. Woolf, Author
"I thought completing and publishing a book would be the most difficult thing I had to do but finding readers to buy my book was even harder. Enter Colton and Gavin. 

They taught me how to become my very own sales & marketing guru with practical strategies to achieve explosive book sales. I now have everything in my hands to become the successful writer I’d always dreamed of."
Kim Curry, Bestseller Author
"We would like to thank you for your book marketing program. Over the years we have purchased many marketing programs. We are amazed at how beneficial your practical knowledge and wisdom has been for our business. 

Basically this has been the most beneficial course we have participated in. Thank you so much for sharing your wisdom."
Brian Taylor, Author
Colton (left) teaching authors in Melbourne, Australia in 2017. Gavin (right) sharing the stage with the Director of Google Asia, in Malaysia in 2016.
We're Making Real Results Affordable
The price of admission for Readers on Command is $8,000 USD. 

Paid in two installments of $4000 — one upon joining, and one after eight weeks.

This program is designed so that we can:
1) Put our eyes on your pages, to make sure everything works
2) Have a $1500 budget baked in to run advertising, to prove your funnel works and get your first batch of readers
3) Have time to support you along the way as you need it
Plus, These Bonuses Become 
Available When You Complete the Program:
To help you best leverage your new book marketing funnel and audience, we are also providing some of our best courses once you've finished the eight-week program.
The GodFather Offer
The exact offer structure we use to create massive anticipation, and leverage all psychological drivers to create a flurry of sales of anything in a short period of time. 
Expert Interview From a 1 Million Visitor Per Month Blogger/Podcaster
Learn from one of the best in the business how to create content that captures attention and builds authority in this one-hour expert interview session. 
How to Create and Sell Courses 
Once you have the audience, the world is your proverbial oyster. One of the most lucrative decisions you can make next is to sell a course to your readers. This bonus content makes the process of structuring, delivering, and selling your course easy.
Easy Outsourcing 
If you want to simply focus on your writing, more power to you! Your marketing system will do 99% of the work itself, and the other 1% can be outsourced as you scale your audience.
Book Launch Checklist
Book launches are easy when you know exactly what to do and exactly what order to do it in. Use this simple checklist we modeled after our bestselling launches to be sure you've got everything done at the right times.
Book Launch Calendar
Launch month is an important time in the life of the author. Use this calendar to keep focused on the promotion of your bestseller and make the most of every day as you give your book the marketing it deserves.
How to Get Featured on Major Publications (to Drive Free Traffic)
One of the highest leverage moves you can make as an author is get your content featured on major publications like Forbes,, and Business Insider. 

In this bonus content, an expert will teach you his proven formula for getting featured, so you can drive massive traffic to your new book sales funnel. 
How to use Scrivener to Write Your Book
Many of today's most successful authors are using the program Scrivener to make the process of writing their book easier than ever. In this bonus content, we will teach you how you can maximize your word output, and keep ideas, characters, and themes more consistent in your next book(s) and know that your best work is always still in front of you. 
Our Guarantee To You
We can guarantee that if you follow the steps, you will end up with a best in class system for building your readership. 

You will get initial traction from our advertising, and know exactly how to scale your readership, with a strategy that is designed around your strengths.

You will also get increased clarity around your message and how your readers relate to it, exactly who you need to talk, and proven system for building your platform to sell tons of books, courses, services, speaking engagements in the most effective way possible.

This will be the best investment you've ever made in your career.
If you are on this page, we believe in you.

So, if you're ready to commit to making the most valuable asset in your career as an author, gaining direct access to your readers, and taking control of your destiny and legacy as an author...

We'd love to have you.
Join Readers on Command Today
Spots are limited, Reserve Yours Now.
Payment is $2000 today, $2000 once more. 
What Happens After Your Order
After you order you’ll given access details to the pre-class content, to prepare you for the journey to come. As well as the membership area where you will get access links to each live training and all recorded trainings, and exclusive member support.
P.S. It Is Your Time, Don't Miss This Opportunity.
You already know that the single most important thing you can do as an author is focus on building your platform and growing your readership.

You know you need to do it at some point, when you take your success as an author seriously. So, why not now?

A marketing system that positions you as an expert, builds genuine relationships with your readers, sells a ton of books, and grows your platform is not a luxury. 

It's not an option. 

It's a necessity.

It either works or it doesn't work. It is binary.

So, let us make sure that you have a marketing system that works.

Commit to this being the time where you finally honor all the time, effort, and energy you've invested in your book to give it the marketing it both needs and deserves.

We will commit to your success 100% and are looking forward to seeing you on the other side!
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